Our Vision

A Focus on the Consumer
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Consumers have spoken—the future of the nutritional products industry lies at the crossroads of science and marketing. NutraGenetics combines the best of both these worlds to help its partners achieve and maintain dominate positions in the industry.


A Partner for Innovation

NutraGenetics is playing a prominent role in shaping the future of new product development in the nutritional product industry. Based in Boise, Idaho, with offices in Cleveland, Ohio, NutraGenetics creates partnerships for nutritional product development with manufacturers in the supplement, sports nutrition, personal care, and consumer products industries. The innovative branded and proprietary private-label products created by NutraGenetics reflect the company’s scientific pedigree, helping to satisfy consumers’ growing demand for safe, effective, and proven nutritional products.

A Broad View of Product Development

NutraGenetics' capabilities extend through a global network of research colleagues. This provides an ongoing source of breakthrough in all areas of nutrition, and consequently, a steady flow of promising opportunities for product commercialization.

We have a dynamic staff of product developers, led by naturopathic physician Dr. Andrew Myers, with over 20 years of experience translating scientific knowledge into finished nutritional products.

Our range of services are centered around formula development and marketing strategy. Products span the entire range of supplementation, including our area of expertise in heart health, to bring high quality, scientifically proven, and consumer-desired products to market.