About Us

About NutraGenetics

NutraGenetics provides business consulting services in the healthcare field relating to new product development, product distribution, logistics, and supply chain solutions.



Health & Nutrition Product Development Needs Met by NutraGenetics

At $20 billion a year in the United States, the health and nutrition market is a powerhouse with strong prospects for the future, reflecting consumers’ shifting attitudes toward health and wellness.

In the wake of this industry growth, nutritional supplement companies are in constant need of new products to meet the demand of well-informed consumers seeking scientific substantiation for product claims. The combination of new consumer attitudes and voids in the areas of research and development has created a great need for products that are based on credible science and health claims. NutraGenetics satisfies this need.

From Science to Shelf

NutraGenetics is a unique, science-based developer of nutritional supplements, energy drinks, sports nutrition products, and functional foods.

NutraGenetics, lead by Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrew Myers, partners with scientists, physicians, manufacturers, and retailers of nutritional and personal care products to develop and bring to market innovative product formulations. The products are created with the support of established science, clinical research, intellectual property protection, and marketable claims platforms. NutraGenetics is a full-service partner for any nutritional products business.