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Innovative Nutrition Solutions

NutraGenetics develops and brings to market nutritional supplements, energy drinks, sports nutrition products, and functional foods. We combine the best nutritional science with an understanding of the marketplace to ensure that our products are successful and highly effective health solutions.

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Vitamin Angels

Doctor Andrew Myers
Meet Dr. Andrew Myers

As a successful naturopathic physician, Dr. Myers is passionate about creating solutions to the world’s prominent health problems by combining the artfulness of natural medicine with the science of the human body. He has a unique ability to take complex health issues and simplify them, bringing about an understanding that health and wellness are attainable for every individual.

NutraGenetics_The_Power_of_WellnessThe Power of Wellness
Cardiovascular disease is the single largest cause of death worldwide. Superior cardiovascular health can be achieved without or with minimal presciption medication through the use of amino acids, fish oil, and antioxidants. Our science focuses on preventative wellness therapy and products.
NutraGenetics Scientific InnovationScientific Innovation
Our sports nutrition formulations enhance performance naturally through the use of Nitric Oxide supplementation and by other natural ingredients. Athletes can recover faster and workout longer with the correct nutritional supplements, and non-athletes benefit from the Nobel Prize winning science of Nitric Oxide in the enhancement of every-day life.
NutraGenetics_Retail.jpgProducts at your Drug, Health Food, Club, or Mass Retailer.
NutraGenetics has extensive relationships with top retailers in a variety of channels as well as  the pre-eminent manufacturers for all types of nutritional products. We partner to bring science to formulation, then to manufacture, and ultimately to the shelf at your local retailer.  The products that we develop represent leading technology and discoveries in the industry, designed to enhance the consumer's ability to benefit from those innovations.

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